Professional Maritime Services for Over 30 years

Professional Maritime Services for Over 30 years

Captain Jim Folk has combined two of his passions, sailing and electronics, into a successful career that has helped keep scores of commercial vessels and private yachts staffed and running. Sailing since 1985, he has acquired the knowledge and expertise to provide the highest standards of boat handling, boat management and navigation service.

As an experienced electronics professional, Captain Folk has installed and maintained industrial electrical/electronic and electro-mechanical solutions since 1980, including aircraft cockpit instrumentation, automotive test equipment, industrial process controls, two-way radio and repeater systems. In 1990 he started working on and servicing marine electronics, including VHF and HF two-way radios, radar, antenna, satellite TV and more. Today, with over 30 years of experience, Captain Folk provides two distinct services to the marine industry.


Holding both a Master of Towing Vessels and a 500GRT Master of Motor Vessels, 1600Ton Mate, Captain Folk is available in a temporary or backup capacity for emergency and other short term needs. See qualifications »

Captain / Crew


Captain Folk services and supports all on-board electronics, specializing in radio communications, radio inspections, EPIRB and AIS testing, radar service and more. See all available services »

Marine Inspection Service

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